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Startup Sales

Ready to increase your revenue, grow your business, or expand interstate or internationally? We’re here to provide quick access to talent and expertise for you and your business. Our on-demand Sales as a Service model helps founders and their businesses reach greater heights faster.

We help startups to sell

We offer Startup Sales as a Service for your "first" and "next" sales. Our unique offering helps startups achieve their first sales, or increase their revenue when sales have stagnated. We create repeatable sales systems that work. Our objective is to fill your sales funnel with qualified leads. Reach out to us for an obligation free consultation today.

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Inder Singh


Inder has helped startups and businesses scale
through his sales as a service model. He has worked
with a number of startup accelerators, provided
sales consultancy and training, with over 20 years
of experience in technology, sales in front-line and
leading sales teams overseas. He has also led a
number of workplace diversity initiatives, improving
the talent pipeline for women, the culturally and
linguistically diverse, and people with disabilities.

I have had a fantastic experience working with Rahul and his team. I found them to be professional, time efficient, reliable, and I am really happy with the final product they put forward. I appreciated the pricing transparency also.

- Anna Moriarty - Steps Therapy

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