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Allied Legal Presents…Talt Anast

Talt's Background

Talt has wanted to be a lawyer for about as long as he can remember. Growing up as the youngest in a family that enjoyed debating, Talt was often either arguing a point with, or negotiating the resolution of an argument between family members. With his appetite for problem solving and critical analysis, it soon became apparent to him and most people that knew him that he would pursue a career in law. 

Talt’s love for law is essentially simple – he enjoys helping people solve problems. Whether that problem is that an agreement needs drafting, or that someone has breached their contractual obligations, Talt enjoys applying his passion and knowledge of law to such situations. He believes that a lawyer’s job is to improve and simplify their client’s situation, and he embodies this belief in every matter he works on.  

Talt also has a background, and a degree, in media and communications. He chose to study media and comms alongside his law degree because he knew when commencing his studies that he would be better situated to help his commercial clients if he had a greater understand of commercial practices in the digital world. He uses this background to bring a holistic approach to helping his clients, making sure that he is always thinking commercially as much as he is legally.  

Talt at Allied

Talt’s interest in innovation began as a teenager learning about the developing startup scene in San Francisco. Talt was born in California and grew up in Australia, and much of his time was spent visiting his family in the USA.  During this time, friends and family of his became involved in the San Francisco startup and tech scene and he began hearing about the exciting opportunities that existed in the fast-paced innovative industry. Talt has also always been interested in technology and innovation.  This interest stems from the excitement of potential, and the potential associated with tech breakthroughs is often unbound. When an app can launch and change a whole industry overnight, or when a new way to build a car has the potential to reduce carbon emissions, it is hard not to feel drawn towards the industries from which these breakthroughs are born.  

This is why when Talt saw there was an opportunity to work at a firm that specialises in working with disruptive businesses he jumped at the chance to be a part of that team. His background in media and communication also attracted him to Allied Legal’s provision of business development services to startups. Talt believes that business development and legal services offer two sides of a coin that are essential to ensure that startups flourish and thrive. Where legal services are necessary to protect the commercial interests of startups, business development services ensure that founders have the tools they need to help their ventures realise their commercial goals.  

Since joining the Allied Legal team, Talt has used his legal and commercial skills across a range of legal and business development matters. He is excited to continue his work here and looks forward to becoming entrenched in the startup scene in Melbourne and across Australia. To see what advice Talt has for your startup, or even just to have a chat and hear more about his experience, reach out at  Alternatively, you can find him on Linkedin at   

To find out more about the services offered at Allied Legal give us a call on 03 8691 3111 or email us at   

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