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Top 10 Ways Your Startup Can Drive Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour refers to the study of an individual or group’s purchasing behaviour. Understanding consumer psychology or the “why” behind buying behaviour allows ventures to create strategies that will drive consumer behaviour and lead to increased sales.

Leveraging Your Startup’s Strategic Agility in A Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has been both catastrophic and educational for many founders.  The startups who thrived were largely those who adapted and moved quickly to the market disruptions. 

How to Prepare a Startup Pitch

Knowing how to pitch your startup is essential to the success and longevity of your startup. A pitch is a presentation that captures the essence of your startup. It should encapsulate your startup’s business model as well as your vision as a founder. 

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Digital Marketing

The utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) within marketing is steadily growing and is only set to increase in the upcoming years This will  ease the workload of marketers in areas such as automation, personalisation, and analytics, saving your team time and streamlining a startup’s marketing campaigns.

How You Can Scale Your Startup to Last

According to Ranjay Gulati and Alicia DeSantola, it is common for founders to become bogged down by the rapid rate at which startups can grow, leading to missteps that are often not identified until it is too late. This can prevent them from entering new markets and hinder the development of new products or services.

How to Make the Most of Your Startup’s Meetings

With many Australian startups now communicating digitally, it has never been more essential for team meetings to be both informative and constructive.

Hiring and Retaining the Right Cultural Fit for Your Startup

Hiring the right cultural fit for you startup is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when scaling your startup. Startups who are motivated to hire and retain the right cultural fit see increased performance, better productivity, improved quality of work, and higher employee morale. 

Startup Resources for First Nation Founders

 Though still a minority within the startup ecosystem, First Nation founders are gradually becoming recognised for their diverse and and innovative startups. 

The Four Types of Artificial Intelligence Explained

Though there is some debate as to whether AI will surpass human intelligence in the next 20 years, it remains ubiquitous that AI will advance beyond menial operative tasks toward more complicated reasoning and human-like functioning.

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