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Blackbird’s Giants Program Now Open

After the success of Blackbird’s Giants talk series, the virtual program is back again and open for applications. Blackbird is a venture capital firm with a master plan to “help entrepreneurs everywhere learn and become better operators.” Blackbird assists founders in all stages of growth, from founders seeking a founding team to businesses seeking investment. The firm has partnered with over 70 ventures, including successful Australian startups like Canva, Zoox, SafetyCulture and Culture Amp.

The Program 

2021’s Giants’ conference will focus on knowledge sharing and networking, allowing founders to connect with and seek advice from Australian startup industry professionals. Successful applicants will be eligible for one-on-one mentorship from successful Australian startups, subject matter experts and investors. Founders will have the opportunity to choose from more than 70 mentors, on first-come basis.

The program will include Giants in Residence, a year-long office program giving founders access to directories, accountability tracking, and Blackbird’s private Notion Library. Founders will also be able to participate in Giants’ Masterclasses, a self-paced goal-setting course. The Giants' program is free of cost. 


The program is designed for early-stage startups who are still in the ideas or growth phase of their venture. If your startup is already established, Blackbird recommends signing up as a mentor through Giants in Residence.

Giants’ Cohort 3 dates are yet to be announced, but the program is expected to launch late 2021. If you are an early-stage Australian startup, you can apply online via the link.

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