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Catalysr’s Accelerate Program Now Open for Startups

Applications are now open for Catalysr’s Accelerate Program. Catalysr is an established pre-accelerator for early-stage startups. Catalysr hosts extensive programs tailored toward founders from migrant, refugee, and culturally diverse backgrounds. Their latest program will commence with a Startup Bootcamp in which Australian startups and founders will be partnered with an Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR). You will meet with your mentor or EiR once a week to discuss the progression of your startup. In addition, applicants will attend a weekly Wednesday event hosted by Catalysr. 

The Program

The program will run for three months from Saturday 4 September to Wednesday 24 November 2021. The Accelerate Program will include the following events: 

  • Startup Bootcamp: founders will have the opportunity to chat about their startup goals with their EiR and the rest of the Catalysr team.
  • Weekly Events: in addition to the weekly meet-up, Australian startups will participate in Fireside Chats, Ask Me Anything Sessions and Office Hours with industry professionals, practical service providers (legal, accounting, etc.) and Catalysr Alumni.
  • Demo Day: selected Australian startups will have the chance to pitch to Catalysr partners, supporters, and investors to gain funding and added support.
  • Community Engagement: after your bootcamp experience, you will remain part of the Catalysr community of over 400 alumni. This will provide your startup with the support, resources, and network to scale your venture.


To be eligible for the program you must identify as a founder from a refugee or migrant background with at least one first-generation migrant or refugee co-founder on your team. Solo founders and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are also encouraged to apply. Catalysr recommends the program for founders who are using their venture to target a specific problem or niche. Previous Catalysr alumni include YogiBirth and Natural Panaa.

Applications remain open until 22 August 2021, so make sure to get your application in soon! You can found out more here.

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