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Allied Legal’s startup lawyers understand the challenges of starting up and growing a new business.  A highly reputable startup law firm headquartered Melbourne, our team has worked with countless startups from inception to exit, and our understanding of the startup journey is unique among lawyers.

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Trusted Advisors to Innovative Business

We are a startup law firm located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Our team of startup lawyers in Melbourne are known for their expertise in all aspects of startup law. We help clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and nationally, so no matter where you are, we treat your business like it is our business.

Expert Advice

Allied Legal is especially focussed on startup law, and we have made it our speciality to understand startups needs. Our team of startup lawyers have a detailed knowledge of the A-Z requirements of startup law. Instead of rigidity, startups need flexibility. Instead of process driven mechanisms, startups need creative mechanisms that are agile and adaptable. We know what startups need, because we've made startups our business. 

Fee Transparency

We understand that the early stages of a startup is a time when specialist legal advice and support is fundamental, but we also appreciate that its often the time when a startup's financial resources are at their most scarce. That's why Allied Legal believes in transparent, fixed fee arrangements which support your startup's development, and provides greater certainty and transparency over costs. We can also be flexible in agreeing to sensible and realistic time to pay arrangements.

Allied Legal - Your Startup Lawyers

We are trusted advisors to innovative businesses.

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Why Allied Legal?

We have a strong base of startup clients and a dedicated team of experts.

Many of our startup and early-stage clients are led by entrepreneurs who have left corporate roles in industry.  We enjoy working with such individuals and aim to be viewed as their trusted advisor as they continue to grow and prosper. We are known as a highly competent startup law firm in Melbourne. We seek to give your start-up the best possible chance of succeeding by:

  1. Ensuring that all of our legal advice is partner led;
  2. Agreeing to fee arrangements that accommodate your cash flow challenges; and
  3. Using our extensive network of contacts to help you capitalise on funding and investment opportunities.

Finding the right startup lawyers in Australia can be daunting, and Allied Legal understands the financial pressures faced by startups.  Allied Legal seeks to work with startups and help them grow.  Our team has years of experience working for startups from all types of industries. We always put our clients first and make sure we have a detailed understanding of your startup's legal requirements.  

Please feel free to contact us for a quotation and a free consultation by giving us a call on 03 8691 3111, or sending us an email at

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