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Best Ways to Stay Connected During a Pandemic

With a large portion of the startup ecosystem now working remotely, paired with an onslaught of new working habits, staying connected during the pandemic has been exceptionally challenging. Despite this fact, it has never been more important to remain connected. There are numerous resources and events available to founders hoping to form connections during the pandemic. You just need to take the lead. At Allied Legal, we have continued to connect with new and existing clients, accelerators, investors, and startups, during the pandemic. Here’s how we stayed connected and how you can too:

Develop a Digital Networking Strateg

Implementing a networking strategy can assist in building new professional relationships while you are operating remotely. A networking strategy is a methodical and strategic approach to building relationships. This will assist your startup in linking your startup’s long-term goals with your reach-outs. For example, if you are looking to scale your startup, think about the industry experts and strategic partnerships who can make this happen. Having a deliberate networking strategy for your venture may save you time, money, and resources.

Leverage All Forms of Communication

With the possibilities afforded by the acceleration of new technologies and digital communication, meaningful networking can now be done from anywhere. Whether you’re attending a virtual event or meeting, FaceTime, Google Meet and Zoom meetings have become an increasingly popular networking norm. You can also try reaching out using alternative communication platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, or you can get creative. According to Forbes, handwritten letters are back! It adds a personalised touch and is far more meaningful than an email.

Maintain Your Relationships

Being genuine and understanding is particularly important during the current pandemic. Startups, small and medium sized businesses are most likely suffering the impacts of a tumultuous two years, so don’t be afraid to check in and be candid. A simple email or reach out to your contact list can help maintain the relationship over the pandemic. 

Remain Professional

While working remotely, the line between work and home can often blur. Before any networking meetings or events, ensure that you are putting your best foot forward in terms of your startup’s digital presentation. Your venture’s virtual accounts should have unified names, signatures and logos attached to showcase your professionalism. 

Expand Your Horizons

One of the positive outcomes of the remote-work landscape is that everyone is now in reach. Now is the time to expand beyond your current network and look at connecting with new virtual communities. Try attending an online event in a different city or country. Creating new touch points may assist your startup in gaining increased brand awareness and recognition in areas that may not have been possible pre-pandemic. 

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