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Female Founders Share Startup Scaleup with Australian Grants

Securing Australian grants can be a daunting process. Whether you are looking for grants for women, startup business grants or gov grants, the thought of getting started can be overwhelming. At Allied Legal, we have listed former grant recipients of the Boosting Female Founders Initiative to assist your startup in understanding the types of ventures who have successfully received funding and how they have used their federal grants to scale their venture into domestic and global markets.

Liesl Yearsley, Akin

Liesl Yearsley, Australian grants recipient and founder of Akin, a deep, deep tech artificial intelligence startup, attributes the hiring of top-level executives, new partnerships, and the development of new distribution models to winning the gov grant. The founder, who now builds robots for NASA, claims that her venture is currently in hyper growth after the assistance of grants for women – Boosting Female Founders Initiative – provided Akin with credibility and status.

Melissa Devereaux, Laila and Me

Australian grants recipient Melissa Devereaux founded Laila and Me after discovering that most dog foods contain additives and chemicals. After attempting to buy healthy and preservative free dog food and failing, Melissa identified a gap in the market and set upon her mission to produce all-natural dog food of the highest quality. The founder claims that if it had not been for the gov grant, she wouldn’t have been able to scale her business so quickly. The business support fund also helped the Laila and Me founder to start a new dog food line, provide jobs to local farmers, and start exporting to Asian and European markets.

Joanne Howarth, Planet Protector Packaging

Founder and CEO Joanne Howarth states that her gov grant helped her to establish her second operation in Tasmania after discovering that there was significant demand for her product in the state. The move accelerated her venture’s growth, increasing income for famers, diverting wool from ending up in landfill, and bringing the startup closer to eliminating the use of polystyrene. Her startup – Planet Protector Packaging – is concerned with the impact of polystyrene in the ocean. Through her innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly packaging – Woolpack – the startup hopes to reducing waste materials.

Annette McClelland, Tekuma

Gov grant recipient Anette McClelland states that winning the Australian grant allowed her startup– Tekuma – to operate and manufacture everything locally. Tekuma is a hardware-based startup seeking to improve the ways humans interact with technology. The tactile controller allows users to control orb module for drones, underwater robots, and other devices.

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