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Global Victoria and Startupbootcamp’s New Victoria-Indian Smart Energy Collaboration

A partnership between Global Victoria and Startupbootcamp sprouted the Victoria-India Virtual Trade Mission event, Melbourne’s first Victoria-India Smart Energy Exchange. The Startupbootcamp led virtual trade mission provided Victorian energy startups and scaleups with tailored events, programs, and networking opportunities to foster strategic partnerships and growth between the Victorian and Indian smart energy ecosystems.

The inbound immersion to Victoria for Indian startups took place virtually over two days in July 2020, with an outbound immersion program to Indian for Victorian energy startups in November 2020. Startupbootcamp led virtual trade mission celebrated the mutual partnership between energy conglomerates in the Asia Pacific and Victorian led startups through a series of trade, investment and policies and regulations geared programs. Eight Victorian energy startups participated in the personalised workshops alongside Asia Pacific corporate partners – Bosch, GE, Schneider, Shell, and Tata Power. The Victorian energy startups included DiUS, Powersensor, Edge Electrons, eleXsys Energy, Fohat, Hart Bioenergy, InvertedPower, LexX Technologies and WePower.

Six Indian scaleups, including Agara, Enact Systems, Maximl Labs, REConnect Energy, ExactSpace and Greenovative participated in the startupbootcamp inbound program. Not only did the scaleups gain access to new smart energy ecosystems, but they learnt ways in which they could break into Victoria’s energy space. The startupbootcamp also offered advice regarding policies and regulations for Asia Pacific startups entering Victoria and led virtual trade mission events, linking more than 330 ventures within Australia and internationally

Through the startupbootcamp, Victorian energy startups also connected with distinguished mentors who shared their experiences working in Asia Pacific and the Indian energy market. The startupbootcamp and Global Victoria led virtual trade mission was highly regarded for its delivery of valuable connections and commercial opportunities. Global Victoria will continue to connect Victorian businesses with international opportunities as part of the Victorian Government’s $15.7 million Export Recovery Package. If you are a Victorian based venture seeking global partnerships with Asia Pacific and beyond, you can get in touch with Global Victoria’s India team.

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