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Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Startup

Your startup’s social media presence is an important factor to consider when growing your venture. With the mass utilisation of social media in all walks of life, there is now inherent power in a thriving social media presence. It would be a waste if your startup was not taking full advantage of its’ influence as a substantial following can assist your startup to increase brand awareness, community engagement, web traffic and help to generate sales and leads.

Social media is also an excellent way to connect and interact with your client base. Whether you are using Instagram, Twitch, LinkedIn or Facebook, there are fundamental rules to follow when it comes to building your social media following. At Allied Legal we have outlined a few key points for you to consider:

Understand Your Audience

When growing your startup’s social media following you should conduct initial research to clearly identify your target demographic, the platforms they interact with and their needs.  This may involve paying close attention to your current social media engagement levels and impressions. Competitor benchmarking can also assist your startup in identifying what other startups are doing successfully and help you to develop strategies that target a gap or a need.

Focus on Real Value

Does your social media presence add anything new? If not, it is time to re-think your startup’s online approach. Your posts need to add something of value to your target audience or cater to a need. Posting informative articles and blog posts through mediums such as LinkedIn and Facebook can be a great way to direct clients back to your website. Depending on your target demographic, video marketing can be a useful tool due to its popularity and ability to engage audiences for prolonged time periods. According to Jayzel Florendo from Spiralytics, forecasts predict that online videos will consume 82% of internet traffic in 2022.

Consistency is Key

Startups leveraging their social media following for success need to understand that your following is built on the amount of effort you put in. This can be challenging, particularly for early-stage startups who do not have the time nor the resources to prioritise social media. However, putting aside time in your day to share, like or post will be beneficial in the long run as it will assist your venture in the formation of meaningful connections with your startup’s audience base.  


Conducting reach outs and networking through your social media platforms can assist your startup in amassing a following. When reaching out to prospective clients or collaborators, it is important to add a little flair or personality to your messages. Avoid being too “salesy” and instead use language that appeals to your target market.

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