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Mastering the 50/50 Split: Your Guide to Resolving Shareholder Disputes

Navigating a 50/50 shareholder dispute can be a complex and delicate process, requiring the expertise of a seasoned commercial lawyer to ensure a fair and efficient resolution. At Allied Legal, our team of skilled commercial lawyers specialise in all facets of shareholder disputes, providing in-depth legal counsel and strategic guidance to protect your interests and ensure your company's continued success.

The Importance of a Comprehensive Shareholder's Agreement

A comprehensive shareholder's agreement, crafted by an experienced commercial lawyer, serves as the foundation for resolving disputes. This essential document addresses not only shareholder rights and responsibilities but also establishes a clear framework for decision-making, communication, and dispute resolution. You require an adept legal team to ensure the agreement is tailored to your unique individual needs. It is important to incorporate critical elements such as voting rights, dividend policies, share transfer restrictions, and exit strategies. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Negotiation and Mediation

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as negotiation and mediation, are often the preferred approach for resolving shareholder conflicts, as they promote collaboration and preserve business relationships.


In a negotiation facilitated by a skilled commercial lawyer, both parties work together to identify underlying issues, explore potential solutions, and ultimately reach a mutually beneficial compromise.


Mediation is another valuable ADR method that involves an impartial third party guiding the disputing shareholders towards a resolution. Our seasoned experts at Allied Legal possess extensive knowledge of corporate law and shareholder dynamics, ensuring an equitable and well-informed outcome for all parties involved.

Navigating Court Proceedings

In instances where ADR methods are unsuccessful or a shareholder's agreement is absent, court proceedings may become necessary. Our team of dedicated commercial lawyers excel in navigating the intricacies of litigation, from gathering evidence and building a strong case to representing your interests in the courtroom. While this route may have its downfalls, our legal experts are committed to pursuing the most favourable outcome for you and your company.

Expert Guidance for Shareholder Disputes

Ultimately, resolving a 50/50 shareholder dispute demands a comprehensive understanding of corporate law and a deep commitment to client satisfaction. At Allied Legal, we bring together these qualities with our extensive experience and strategic approach to provide an unparalleled legal experience.

Contact us today to discuss your shareholder dispute needs and discover how our commercial lawyers can help you navigate these challenges with confidence, expertise, and peace of mind.

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