Accelerators & Pre Accelerators Now Open to Victorian Startups

Accelerator or pre-accelerator programs can be great for early-stage startups and founders looking to develop their offering, form new connections and refine their business model. Programs tailored to startup growth are available to a variety of industries from tech, agritech to health, and offer funding, personal development, and mentorship opportunities. At Allied Legal, we have compiled a list of startup accelerators and pre accelerators currently accepting expressions of interest below. 


Atto is a tech entrepreneurship community for female founders and female-led startups. Programs and events through Atto have been designed to fill the disparity in the education space via action-orientated programs and real-world experience. Recent university graduates, full time workers and parents are encouraged to apply to one of their programs, Atto’s Accelerator 2022, Aspire Pre-Accelerator and 2023 Atto Accelerator Program, via their website. You can also check out their events here.

SBE Australia

SBE’s programs are designed to support female founders who have an idea they want to bring to life. The non-for-profit accelerates female-led startups through an eight-week course focusing on skill development, strategic goal setting and confidence building. You can register your interest for one of their many programs, including SBE Global, SBE Elevate and SBE Explore here


Expressions of interest are now open for Skalata’s May 2022 program. Skalata is Australia’s first fully integrated seed funding program. Using a model based on international best practice, the program assists early-stage startups to scale and grow their ventures. In partnership with industry experts, investors, and universities, Skalata provides investment funding in exchange for equity and the completion of program milestones. 

Startupbootcamp EnergyInc Pre-Accelerator

The SBC EnergyInc program will work with first time entrepreneurs to scale their ventures. Leveraging the SBC Digital platform, the pre-accelerator will offer early-stage startup founders a series of workshops and admission to informative events such as EnergyNext and EnergyTech Hub. Applications for the EnergyInc program close Monday 16 May 2022. 

Startup Gippsland

Startup Gippsland is a regional initiative offering startup programs in regional Victoria. After receiving LaunchVic funding, Startup Gippsland has been delivering pre-accelerator programs, focusing on ideation-stage and innovative tech startups with early-stage non-technical founders. Through the program, startup founders will participate in weekend intensive training and masterclass programs to expand their network, confidence, and business capabilities. You can find out about their Masterclass Series, Startup Bootcamp, Business Igniter Program and more through their website.

Startup Shakeup

Applications for Startup Shakeup’s April Incubator are now open. The Incubator is worth $20,000 over 24 weeks, providing startups with access to a range of expertise and support to scale their ventures. Startup Shakeup is a collaboration with LaunchVic to expand opportunities for startups in regional areas. The program will also offer Tech Taster workshops and masterclasses to assist in upskilling startup founders, particularly in the emerging tech market.

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At Allied Legal, we work closely with numerous accelerators and pre accelerators in and around Melbourne. So, if you need advice on deciding which program is right for your startup, you can get in touch with one of our startup experts by calling us on 03 8638 0888 or sending us an email at

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