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Sustainability Boosts and Funding Still Available for Victorian Startups

Sustainability has been a trending topic over the past few years with a shift in focus from waste culture to the consideration of issues such as climate change, the availability of resources and a growing populace. Fortunately, the Australian government is offering resources for startups and small businesses looking to invest in a cleaner startup.

It is a pivotal time for startups looking to enter a green space with the increasement of local funding and grant opportunities. New funding was recently announced to support Victoria’s transition to a circular economy. This included an increase to two funds provided by Recycling Victoria – Recycling Modernisation Fund and Recycling Victoria Infrastructure Fund. At Allied Legal, not only are we invested in a cleaner future, but we also work with many startups who operate in the green space. Though programs and funding opportunities such as Recycling Victoria Household Education and Behaviour Change Fund have now closed, there are still a few grants still accepting applications for the latest round of funding. These include:

Community Climate Change and Energy Action Program

The Community Climate Change and Energy Action Program will support Victorian community groups to upgrade their community facilities. To be eligible for the grant, your venture must show how your upgrades will reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions using renewable energy technology. There are two ‘streams’ within the program. The first supports audits on the existing venture and the second relates to the implementation of projects. Applications for the program close Friday 20 August 2021.

Sustainability Bonus

The Small Business Energy Saver Program will deliver $5 million in bonuses to startups and small businesses across Victoria to support their transition to a low-cost, energy efficient business model. Various rebates and discounts will allow green startups to switch to energy saving products and processes. You can find out more here.  

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