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Allied Legal is not your average law firm. We provide commercially-savvy, easy-to-understand legal solutions and advice to innovative businesses and entrepreneurial minds. We are your trusted partner when it comes to strategic decision-making, and can help you on your pathway to scale. We offer transparent, flexible and value-based fee arrangements to suit your needs.

Rahul Kumar


Allied Legal’s founder, Rahul Kumar, is a highly
experienced corporate and commercial lawyer.
He is passionate about adding value to clients
and being regarded as a trusted advisor.
He brings with him quality experience from both
national and international firms.

Inder Singh


Inder has helped startups and businesses scale
through B2B ‘Sales as a Service’. He has worked
with a number of startup accelerators, provided
sales consultancy and training, with over 20 years
of experience in technology, sales in front-line and
leading sales teams overseas. He has also led a
number of workplace diversity initiatives, improving
the talent pipeline for women, the culturally and
linguistically diverse and for people with disabilities.

Talt Anast


Talt is a well rounded commercial lawyer who
enjoys using his legal expertise to help businesses
solve complex issues. Talt holds a degree in
marketing and communications, which gives him
a diverse skill set to pull from. He is also passionate
about innovation and loves engaging with clients
who are seeking to disrupt existing market trends.

Gen Graham


Gen's passion for innovation and disruptive industries has seen her involved in the startup scene in both a personal and profesional capacity. She utilises her academic background in business and marketing to support businesses in building their profile and network, and strongly believes that all businesses should have the support they need to succeed. 

Allied Legal has been a pleasure to work with, and made the entire process simple and stress free. I highly recommend him and his team, and will continue to use his services. Thanks Rahul!

- Kody Steddy - Positiv Flo Pty Ltd

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