Our Team at Allied Legal

At Allied Legal, our commercial and startup specialist team is more than just legal experts. We are a diverse group of professionals with backgrounds spanning finance, technology, marketing, and more. Our collective expertise goes beyond legal counsel; we understand the challenges Australian businesses face because we've been there ourselves.

Rahul Kumar


Allied Legal’s founder, Rahul Kumar, is a highly
experienced corporate and commercial lawyer.
He is passionate about adding value to clients
and being regarded as a trusted advisor.
He brings with him quality experience from both
national and international firms.

Chester James


Chester James is a seasoned legal expert with a distinctive career spanning various facets of the legal landscape. His background includes working with an ASX-listed fintech, as well as offering invaluable guidance to emerging startups navigating the complexities of the tightly regulated banking industry. Chester is distinguished by his analytical prowess.  Chester is committed to applying his experience to tackle legal challenges with precision and efficacy.

Ran Zheng


Ran Zheng is a commercial lawyer at Allied Legal, dedicated to helping startups and SMEs succeed. With a strong background in intellectual property law from a top Australian firm, Ran offers expert advice on IP protection, commercial strategies, company structuring, market entry, and fundraising. Known for being empathetic and relationship-driven, Ran builds close connections with clients to understand and support their unique needs.

Sheveen Abeyatunge

Marketing And Business Development Associate

Sheveen Abeyatunge is a well-versed Marketing Specialist with extensive experience on both client and agency sides, primarily in the higher education sector. At Allied Legal, Sheveen leverages his marketing and operations background to create new opportunities and drive growth. His expertise enhances the firm’s ability to deliver innovative marketing solutions and strategic insights to internal stakeholders and clients.

Allied Legal has been a pleasure to work with, and made the entire process simple and stress free. I highly recommend him and his team, and will continue to use his services. Thanks Rahul!

- Kody Steddy - Positiv Flo Pty Ltd

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