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Capital raising can be a major challenge for many startup founders looking to scale their startup. Locating and obtaining the right funding that fits your startup’s business model and growth goals can be tricky.

Our team at Allied Legal are dedicated to helping startups from early-stage ventures to later-stage startups raise capital through innovative channels from seed funding, private investment and beyond. Our team of startup lawyers understand the crucial role funding plays in transforming your startup and can help you to take advantage of the right funding opportunities.

Take your startup to the next level with Allied Legal’s expert startup legal team

Equity Raising

From crowdfunding, investors and share issues, we offer specialist guidance on structuring an equity capital raise that will suit your startup and your startup’s stage of growth. Our connections and expertise allow us to seamlessly navigate the numerous equity raising options and liaise with angel investors, venture capitalists and other investors on your behalf.

Key Agreements

We review and draft comprehensive legal documents for all ventures whether you are an early-stage startup, public company, or a private company. Our startup experts tailor shareholders agreements, SAFEs and convertible notes for your startup. We assist with prospectuses and other disclosure documents.

Expert Negotiation

Our startup legal experts are skilled and savvy when it comes to advocating for your startup. Through our extensive experience with investors, innovators, industry experts and accelerators, we know how to get your startup the best deal possible. 

Strategic Advisory

From early rounds to exit, we counsel your startup on all capital raising transactions. At Allied Legal, we know the ins-and-outs of corporate structuring and governance, recapitalisations, share sales, employee share schemes (ESS), and more.

Navigating Regulations

Australia has strict requirements for startup's raising capital. Our team of expert startup lawyers are here to help you navigate these laws (and their exemptions) so that you are complying with the law every step of the way. 

Grant Applications

We offer savvy legal advice and guidance on the right grant support for your startup. Not only can we point your startup in the right direction, but we can help with the grant application process too.

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Rahul has a deep understanding of the legal requirements of SME’s and start-ups, and is one of the few law firms I have worked with that truly adopts a relationship-based approach. If you’re looking for a legal partner to grow with your business, I can strongly recommend Allied Legal.

- Ryan Smyth - Stratium Group Pty Ltd

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