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Capital Raising for Startups

Learn about how Allied Legal approaches capital raises for startups.

Privacy Policies for Startups

Learn about how Allied Legal prepares privacy policies for startups. 

What to Expect when you're Expecting (an investment)

This is a recording off zoom of our presentation with Silicon Beach. 

How to Pitch to Potential Investors

See our live workshop on pitching to investors. 

Allied Legal on the Business Agora podcast

Join Inder (left) and Rahul (right) in conversation with the Business Agora. Working in the startup and innovation ecosystem, Allied Legal supports startups and businesses with growth, legal, and innovation strategy. In this episode of the Business Agora, Rahul and Inder discuss the idea of "everyone an innovator" in this time, how small businesses are finding exciting new ways to stay relevant as well as their tips for staying connected during this time. Listen below:

If you want to hear more from Inder or Rahul, or if you need assistance with your innovative business, give us a call on 03 8638 0888, or send us an email at

Terms and Conditions for Startups

Learn about how Allied Legal prepares terms and conditions for startups. 

Allied Legal QnA

Learn about Allied Legal's QnA initiative. 

Selling and Pitching for Startups

See our live presentation about selling and pitching for startups.

Business Dos and Legal Do Nots of Startups

See our live presentation on the business and legal considerations for startups during COVID.

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