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Experts In Dispute Resolution

Whether your business  is dealing with a dispute with a co-founder, client, competitor or otherwise, we’re here to help. Our seasoned team of commercial dispute lawyers have worked extensively across a range of industries from technology, property, construction, energy, health, and agriculture. Our wealth of experience and industry specialisation means that we get your business and will guide you through the most complex of disputes.  

Dispute Specialists

We resolve disputes at the early stages, so that you can focus on running your business. Our team of commercial lawyers provide innovative strategies to give you the best outcome.  Whether your dispute arises out of a contract, business sale transaction, commercial lease, intellectual property matter or employment issue - we are best placed to help.   

Court Process

While our aim is to help you settle in a cost effective and timely manner, should the matter proceed to Court, you are in safe hands with our specialist commercial lawyers.  

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our agile and savvy team of experts can guide your business through alternative dispute resolution processes like mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution processes.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder and co-founder disputes can arise for a variety of reasons, but our focus is to ensure efficient results without causing damage to the business. We deal with disputes relating to investors, partnerships, co-founders, shareholders, and joint ventures, including fiduciary duties and partnership dissolution.

Employment Disputes

Contact us to help you resolve your employment disputes.  Whether you are an employer or employee, our commercial lawyers have extensive experience in resolving employment disputes.  This includes everything from unfair dismissal, restraints of trade to other employment based issues. 

Other Commercial Disputes

It’s best to deal with a dispute as soon as possible to avoid stress and financial strain. Our team of commercial lawyers aim to provide timely and cost effecitve solutions to help you navigate the most complex commercial disputes.  

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Rahul has a deep understanding of the legal requirements of SME’s and start-ups, and is one of the few law firms I have worked with that truly adopts a relationship-based approach. If you’re looking for a legal partner to grow with your business, I can strongly recommend Allied Legal.

- Ryan Smyth - Stratium Group Pty Ltd

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