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New Government Grants & Assistance for Victorian Startups in 2022

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Every year the Federal and State Governments put forward a series of grant opportunities to assist startups to scale their ventures and this year is no different. Whether you’re launching a startup or looking to extend your venture’s offering, the assortment of government grants offers a variety of assistance from funding to workshops and networking opportunities. The gov grants are available to most sectors to promote innovation, creativity and to foster a thriving startup culture.

At Allied Legal we recommend that you take full advantage of all the opportunities and support that is on offer. To help you out, here is a list of up-to-date Government grant opportunities available to Victorian startups in 2022. Make sure that you get in quick as some applications are closing soon.

Business Recovery Advisory Service: Applications Ongoing

The Business Recovery Advisory Service is available to any startup or business located in East Gippsland, Wellington and Northeast Victoria experiencing hardship, recovering from disasters, and needing additional assistance. The gov assistance offers free one-on-one sessions with an advisor to help with aspects of your startup from business operation, recovery planning and resilience building strategies. You can book your free session via the link.

Creative Enterprises Program: Applications Close Thursday 16 September 2022

The Creative Enterprises Program offers four-year’s worth of funding for medium to large creative organisations and smaller startups positioned for sustainable growth. The funding will invest in the leadership, organisational infrastructure, and inclusiveness of your venture in line with the Victorian Government’s Creative State 2025 priorities. The program is accepting applications from non-government creative sectors that are not-for-profit and are based in Victoria.

Creative Ventures Program: Applications Close Thursday 16 September 2022

The Creative Ventures Program provides two years of funding to a diverse cohort of Victorian micro ventures, small businesses, startups and collectives. Your startup’s application for the gov grant should reflect your intention to establish contemporary ways of working across the creative industries. Between $70,000 to $100,000 worth of funding will be available per year over two years. To learn more about whether your venture is eligible for the startup funding, you can follow the link

New Energy Technologies: Applications Ongoing

Victoria’s New Energy Technologies program was developed in response to the state’s future renewable energy targets, creating new employment and investment opportunities. The $20 million fund is designed to support projects and businesses that will promote renewable energy generation, drive new technologies and create sustainable employment. To find out how you can apply for the government grant, you can follow the link.

Future Industries: Applications Ongoing

Future Industries aims to support investment in high-growth industries through industry development projects and collaborative networks. Focusing on high growth industry areas, the government assistance will fund expansion, infrastructure improvements and internal workforce initiatives. Industries classed as ‘high growth’ under the scheme include medical and pharmaceuticals, new energy technologies, food and fibre, transport, defence, construction, and professional services.

Investment Fast-Track Fund: Applications Close Thursday 30 June 2022

The Investment Fast-Track Fund – part of the Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund – will focus on funding activities that will mobilise strategic investment projects. ‘Funded activities’ will be considered based on the resultant project’s strategic importance for rural and regional communities. To learn whether your startup is eligible for the startup funding, you can select the link.

Jobs Victoria Fund: Applications Ongoing

The Jobs Victoria Fund is offering significant wage subsidies to Victorian startups and businesses who employ people who are looking for work. The $250 million fund will go toward hiring new staff or increasing the hours of existing staff, particularly those who have been affected by the economic impacts of the pandemic. To determine whether your venture is eligible for up to $20,000 in wage subsidies, you can follow the link.  

Small Business Energy Saver Program: Applications Close Tuesday 31 May 2022

The Small Business Energy Saver Program is supporting small businesses and startups in Victoria to save on energy efficient equipment. The program will deliver $5 million in discounts to founders looking to improve their energy efficiency. To be classified as a ‘small venture’ your business must have between 1 to 19 employees and have a commercial premise.

Wellbeing & Mental Health Support for Victorian Small Businesses: Applications Ongoing

The wellbeing program is helping Victorian founders navigate the impacts of the pandemic and its subsequent mental health effects. Through the program founders can access the Partners in Wellbeing Helpline which provides one-on-one support and free access to financial counsellors and business advisers. Additional support under the program will be released soon.

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