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International Women’s Day: Celebrating Female Founders

At Allied Legal we are honouring International Women’s Day by celebrating the successes of female founders across Australia. Though businesses and startups have come a long way since the inception of International Women’s Day in 1975, we acknowledge that we still have a fair way to go in terms of providing women with equal opportunities and equal support. 

As such we want to elevate and celebrate the achievements of female founders across all startup fields. Here are just five awesome female founders and their startups:  

Melanie Perkins – Canva 

Melanie Perkins is one of the youngest female tech founders with a startup valued at over one billion dollars. In 2020 Perkins was named the third richest woman in Australia after the success of her design startup – Canva. The platform allows users of all design experience to create graphics, presentations, flyers, posters and invitations. 

Mikaela Jade­ – Indigital  

Indigital, founded by Cabrogal Woman – Mikaela Jade, is Australia’s first Indigenous EdTech startup. The Sydney-based startup delivers digital skills training programs, specialising in artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and mixed realities. The startup aims to provide a “meaningful pathway for Indigenous people into the digital economy.” 

Elyse Maberley – Meeum  

Meeum is a Melbourne-based startup providing coding education and digital literary support. The startup offers group workshops, small business sessions, individual training, professional development and corporate training programs. Founder – Elyse Maberley is passionate about creating quality learning experiences for women and female founders.  

Alice Williams – Ovira 

After suffering years of debilitating period pain and endometriosis Alice Williams founded – Ovira. The Sydney startup provides pulse therapy to stimulate the nerves and stop period pain. With a mass following and nearly 1000 five star reviews, Ovira is garnering positive acclaim from women all around Australia.   

Jodi Geddes & Kate Pollar – Circle In  

In 2017 co-founders Jodi Geddes and Kate Pollar launched Circle In. The Melbourne B2B startup supports mothers and fathers returning to work via a communication portal. In their limited time of operation, the startup has achieved accelerated growth, and has secured partnerships with large companies: Cotton OnL’Oreal and Medibank.

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