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Allied Legal Presents… Christine Bulos

Allied Legal is on a strong path to growth this year and we are pleased to welcome Christine Bulos as part of this.

Christine is excited about joining Allied Legal and progressing her journey within the startup and legal world. While Christine brings a strong background in property and development she has always had a passion for all things startup, innovation and technology. This includes a keen interest in ethical AI, blockchain, NFTs, data and privacy protection and commercial startup generation.

Christine saw it highly fitting to align herself with the growth of Allied Legal and its market leading reputation for all things startup and innovation. She forms part of our team of highly specialised commercial lawyers who seek to remain at the forefront of legal developments impacting the startup and innovation sectors.

Christine is passionate about working with startups that are commercialising new and exciting technologies. She has a keen eye for promising ventures, and loves applying her legal expertise to see these ventures succeed. With a depth of experience in branding, events and networking, Christine has a natural commercial mindset that she applies to her work.

You can connect with Christine on LinkedIn, as well as emailing her at

To find out more about the services offered at Allied Legal give us a call on 03 8691 3111 or email us at   

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