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These Coworking Spaces are Built for Melbourne Startups

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The pandemic and the ascension of innovative ventures has permanently changed how we work. We are now seeing a growing demand for more flexible and mobile working options that promote community and collaboration, hence the rise of coworking spaces. A coworking space sees businesses, founders and entrepreneurs from diverse industries work under one roof. Not only does this foster cross industry learning and partnership, but it also combines the benefits of a large corporate firm, with all its’ amenities, resources, and services at a reduced price point. 

A report by the University of Sydney dubs coworking spaces as the “…spiritual home of successful startups…where new business models are incubated, nurtured, developed, and discovered by investors.” In fact, according to statistics compiled by Coworking Resources in 2020, startups, founders and independent business owners are driving the majority of the sector’s growth, accounting for 65% of occupants in newly opened coworking environments. Locations such as London are leading the way in terms of new coworking spaces, but cities like Melbourne are quickly catching onto the trend. The popularity of coworking spaces in Melbourne will only continue to rise, with nearly half of all coworking spaces in Australia located in Melbourne.

List of Coworking Spaces in Melbourne

11th Space

Located in Melbourne’s CBD, 11th Space is a business hub offering more than just coworking spaces to startups in Melbourne. The hub provides investing, incubating opportunities, mentorships and programs to startups and innovative businesses. Other services include exclusive in-house services such as bookkeeping, administration, IT solutions, business branding and design.

BizHub Coworking

Located in Ringwood’s innovation centre, BizHub Coworking provides startups with growth and opportunities through the service’s support initiatives. Workshops, networking sessions and business coaching and expert advice programs are supported by Maroondah City Council’s BizHub team. The team has been tasked with growing startups and local businesses to create local jobs and attract investment. The hub offers promotional and networking opportunities, business training assistance programs and coworking spaces in Melbourne. 

Clik Collective

Clik Collective supports ecommerce startups in Melbourne with a range of flexible coworking spaces, diverse communities, and resources, including photography and logistics services. The collective’s founder – Harry ­– is passionate about small businesses, startups and coworking spaces, believing that innovation and collaboration is fundamental to the growth stage of a venture. 

Co. Co Place

Situated in the Morning Peninsula, Co.Co Place boasts a trendy and open-planned space with personal desks and private offices. Co.Co Place offers founders with access to their business ecosystem as well as a community of reciprocity and collaboration. 

CreativeCubes. Co

CreativeCubes. Co offers coworking spaces all over Melbourne from Richmond, Hawthorn, South Melbourne, Carlton, and Collingwood. You can choose between a shared desk, a dedicated desk, or a day pass, all of which promise to increase productivity, innovation, and collaboration. The ‘cubes’ are a popular choice amongst Melbourne startups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs with a variety of events and networking opportunities available to those seeking to immerse themselves in Melbourne’s startup ecosystem.

25 King Collective

Located in another CBD hotspot, 25 King Collection is a coworking space curated for Melbourne entrepreneurs looking to collaborate with like-minded people. The space is made up of flexible hot desks, dedicated desks, and private studios with access to meeting rooms. 25 King Collection also has all the other necessities including internet and printing services.

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