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Startup Resources for First Nation Founders

Though still a minority within the startup ecosystem, First Nation founders are gradually becoming recognised for their diverse and innovative startups. Founders like Niyoka Bundle from Pawa Catering and Jesse Martin from The Streets Movement are amongst a new wave of passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs bridging the disparity gap between First Nation and Western entrepreneurs.   

According to Morgan Coleman, CEO and founder of Melbourne startup Vets on Call, First Nation founders face a plethora of challenges and barriers when seeking to launch their startups. A major issue seems to be that First Nation founders tend to lack the resources and funding needed to scale their ventures. Coleman identifies that this is due to a lack of access to a strong network of wealth and a limitation of tangible assets which is generally required by banks and financial institutions when applying for funding. At Allied Legal, we have identified a list of resources, including funding and networking opportunities, geared toward First Nation founders:


Barayamal is a world-leading accelerator aimed at raising the profile of First Nation founders and their startups. The accelerator collaborates with First Nation founders, investors, corporations, and government organisations to provide culturally appropriate support and advice. This support includes technology solutions, programs, free events, and school-based educational programs. Barayamal has also announced a free virtual 10-week accelerator program for founders seeking mentorship. Applications will close at 5pm 30 June 2022.

Indigenous Business Australia

Developed to promote the participation of First Nation Australians within the startup and business sector, Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) provides essential support to founders. This support is delivered via a series of inclusive workshops, tailored business advice and financing opportunities. IBA’s monetary products include a startup finance package geared toward small to medium sized startups, producer offset loans, business loans, performance bonds and invoice finance. 


Kinaway offers startup support to founders with the aim of improving the visibility of First Nation Australian startups. The organisation offers business mentorships, webinars, events, and a program called Women’s Business, a resource page for female First Nation founders.


Ngarrimili is an Aboriginal led not-for-profit (NFP) supporting Victorian startups and creative enterprises to develop their venture. The NFP works with Victorian startups, providing culturally informed assistance through 1:1 mentorships, networking, and workshops. Ngarrimili also offers a youth talent pipeline helping young First Nation founders to access scholarships and mentorships.

Supply Nation

Supply Nation is a database used to find verified Indigenous businesses and Australian startups. The platform connects over 3,000 Australian startups and businesses with more than 500 procurement teams from government, corporate, and not-for-profits across Australia.

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