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They're the team you want for legal guidance if you're in the innovative business or startup sector and are looking for commercially savvy legal solutions.

George Z Client

Their understanding of the startup journey and intersections with legal systems and structures is unparalleled and is paired with a sense of empathy many other professional services lack.

Arjun J Client

As a start-up in my pre-revenue stage, working with Allied Legal was probably the best decision I've made. Talt had specifically walked me through what we need to do to make sure that the proper legal agreement is in place.

Dyan T Client

Why is a Shareholders Agreement Important?

Why It Matters:

A shareholders agreement is an essential agreement for your business. Don’t be misled by its name – a shareholders agreement does more than just formalise an agreement between shareholders. It details many of the core mechanisms that are essential to the ongoing management, decision making and operation of your business.   

Why Choose Us:

Allied Legal provides intelligent, straightforward cost-effective legal solutions to all kinds of businesses.  Our team specialises in striking the perfect balance between the interests of the company, shareholders and directors by preparing shareholders agreements that are tailored to every clients' unique circumstances. 

Beyond shareholders agreements, we also offer expertise in drafting share subscription agreements, share vesting agreements, buy/sell agreements, employee share schemes and other commercial agreements.

For assistance with your shareholders agreement or related matters, contact us today by calling or filling out the form on this page. 

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We provide you with draft documents for review.  This gives you the chance to ask further questions and request updates.

4. We Finalise And Issue Your Documents

Receive your final completed documents! We also guide you through the signing process.  


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