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5/5 on Google Reviews

Allied Legal did superb work with setting up our company and the Terms and Conditions of our product. They were meticulous and open to feedback, followup questions and prompt amendments.  Highly recommended.

Rajesh D Client

Super friendly, professional and incredibly insightful. They're also very efficient with their work! Highly recommend.

Anuska P Client

As a start-up in my pre-revenue stage, working with Allied Legal was probably the best decision I've made.

Dyan T Client

Unlocking the Power of Terms & Conditions

Why They Matter for Your Business

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are more than just legal formalities; they're the cornerstone of your customer interactions. Whether referred to as Terms of Use or Terms of Service, they establish clear rules, expectations, and guidelines for your website or app users, providing users with a transparent overview of your policies.

While borrowing T&Cs from another business or using a generic template might seem convenient,  off-the-shelf T&Cs might not fully cover your specific needs or protect you from potential legal challenges.

That's where Allied Legal comes in. We specialise in crafting bespoke Terms and Conditions tailored to the unique aspects of your business, ensuring you are fully protected and compliant.

Let us help you build a solid legal foundation that supports your business goals and nurtures trust with your customers.

Allied Legal: Where intelligence meets simplicity in legal solutions

Our firm is dedicated to offering straightforward, cost-effective legal services tailored to businesses of all types.

With a focus on crafting bespoke Terms & Conditions, we cater to a wide array of platforms including websites, mobile apps, SaaS platforms, and online marketplaces. Our experienced team excels in designing Terms and Conditions that align perfectly with the unique needs and circumstances of each client.

But our expertise doesn't stop there. Allied Legal is also your go-to source for a comprehensive suite of commercial agreements.

Ready to fortify your business with customised legal solutions? Reach out to Allied Legal today via telephone or by completing the form on this page,  we're ready to assist you with your legal needs.

How It Works - Our Process

1. Complimentary Consultation

Get a 20-minute complimentary consultation. Our expert lawyers will consult with you and discuss your legal needs. 

2. Receive A Fixed-Fee Quote

Receive a clear, fixed fee quote from us. Once approved, we'll issue our engagement letter to move forward.

3. T&Cs Draft Ready for Review

We supply the draft T&Cs for your review, offering the opportunity for any questions you may have or updates you wish to make.

4. T&Cs Complete!

From Draft to Final Issue: Your very own T&Cs, all set for implementation!


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