When looking for the right franchise lawyers in Melbourne, Allied Legal is able to assist whether you seek our advice as a franchisor or franchisee. We can assist with all matters concerning your franchise. This includes a range of advice on your rights and obligations under the Franchising Code of Conduct.

Allied Legal can assist with the preparation, review and negotiation of franchise agreements and associated documentation. We can also assist with drafting all the required legal documentation required to start a new franchise. Legal assistance should ideally be sought at an early stage to help maximise the time you have to understand your rights and obligations thereby improving your negotiating position. Allied Legal will provide you with tailored advice to meet your specific needs whether you are starting a new franchise or require continued assistance throughout the various stages of your business.

Allied Legal can also assist with issues relating to your franchise business such as leasing and employment issues. Franchise law can be very technical, so it is important to engage the services of a skilled lawyer with issues such as negotiating franchise agreements, leasing issues, resolving franchise disputes and other ongoing franchise related matters. With vast experience in helping franchisors and franchisees across Victoria, Allied Legal would be well placed to help you.

Searching for franchise lawyers in Melbourne can be tedious, so make sure you choose a reputable and competent law firm. For any questions or queries regarding franchise law, contact Allied Legal now by filling out the contact us form to have a friendly team member contact you.

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