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Whether it’s your startup's brand name, logo, trade secrets or other distinctive elements that differentiates you from your competitors, we’re here to protect it. Your startup’s intellectual property is your most important asset as it will determine your future growth and the value of your startup. Fortunately, there are various ways you can safeguard your startup’s IP, including copyright, confidential information, trademarks, and patents.

It is vital to understand what constitutes intellectual property, how it can be used and how it can be protected. Our experienced commercial lawyers can inform you on what constitutes intellectual property and can talk you through your options to ensure that your startup is protected.


Our commercial lawyers protect your startup’s brand by helping you to register trademarks, giving you the exclusive rights to distinctive elements such as your startup’s name.

Our intellectual property lawyers have a widespread understanding and vast experience when it comes to trademark laws and have successfully lodged numerous trademark applications.


Copyright protects creative arts. It gives the artist exclusive rights to reproduce, publicly display, perform, and create derivatives of their work. In addition, copyright enable the artist to financially gain from their work, and prohibit others from doing so without the IP artist’s permission. Copyrights however protect how an idea is expressed, not the idea itself.


Protects an invention from being made, sold, or used, for a period of time. Unlike trademarks, a patent is not considered patented unless it has been applied for an approved by IP Australia’s patent office.

Where required we liaise with patent attorneys with the appropriate technical background to file and prosecute patent applications on behalf of clients.

Our commercial lawyers handle all aspect of design applications, from searching, registration, examination, oppositions and enforcement.

As part of our services we are able to offer our clients assistance with freedom to operate searches, patentablity and registrability advice, infringement and validity advice.


Allied Legal advises on all aspects of IP enforcement and develops strategies to protect your IP rights. We handle litigation matters in all jurisdictions and assist in negotiating the resolution of IP disputes, as well as appearing in proceedings before IP Australia.

We conduct enforcement and dispute resolution processes including trademark oppositions and domain name disputes. We also provide advice regarding third party infringement claims. We remove offending online material and take active steps to protect confidential information, data, trade secrets and other proprietary material.

Trade Secrets

Navigating IP can be challenging, which is why we do the work for you. Our experienced intellectual property lawyers take you through the necessary steps to protect your trade secrets and the other confidential aspects of your startup. From comprehensive IP clauses to formal agreements, we cover all bases.

Holistic IP Protection

We safeguard your startup’s assets from all sides. This means mitigating risk through robust employment contracts, joint venture agreements, contractor agreements, confidentiality agreements and other contracts. We can also review your current contracts and legal documents to offer optimal protection.

We understand all stages of the startup journey

From concept development to growth, and even exiting the market, we’re here to help.

Concept Development


Rapid Growth



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When we decided to found a startup, legal was the furthest thing from my mind. Reaching out to Rahul, he helped us navigate the founding of our startup, making sure that the thing we put so much of ourselves into had a great structure & foundation, and that any bumps in the road - which we hope will not occur - can be resolved fairly and quickly. Also, he 'gets' startups. Thanks Rahul.

- Steve Voegt, &

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