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Allied Legal’s Grants Hub helps startups find, apply for and secure grants and government funding. Our grant expertise allows you to manage your business, while we manage your grant application, helping you successfully secure government funding that’s available to startups in Australia. If you operate an Australian startup or small business, there’s a good chance that you qualify for a grant!

It’s always exciting to discover that your business is eligible for grant funding so take our questionnaire to find out if your business qualifies!

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Securing government funding by way of grants lets your startup:

Raise capital to help fund
critical projects.

Access funds without giving away
equity or incurring debt.

Lets your business
scale faster.

 Process & Pricing Structure

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

1 – 2 hour detailed fact finding meeting with client to define scope of grant applications, and identify relevant grant opportunities.

Merits of application against eligibility and legislative grant requirements, and draft application(s) is prepared and issued to client for review.

Further 1 – 2 hour meeting with client to discuss client feedback, with a view to finalise grant application for submission.

Finalised application is submitted for assessment and review, which we take carriage of.


For applications for funding that is less $20,000 

Our Ex GST = $3,000


  • CSIRO Kick-Start
  • Innovation Connections


For funding between
$20,000 and $100,000

Our Ex GST = $5,000


  • CSIRO Kick-Start
  • Innovation Connections


For funding between $100,000 and $500,000 

Our Ex GST = $8,000


  • Incubator Support Grant
  • Export Market Development Grant


For funding in excess of $500,000

Our Ex GST = $10,000


  • Accelerating Commercialisation Grant
  • Advanced Manufacturing Commercialisation Fund
  • Biomedical Translation Bridge


Grant applications can take a long time to apply for, and even longer to process.

The application and assessment process for government funding
in Australia can seem overwhelming, but our specialist grant
lawyers understand what’s required!

Get there quicker, and increase your success rate, with Allied Legal’s
Grants Hub. 

Take our free quiz to find out if your business qualifies for grant funding!


I have had a fantastic experience working with Rahul and his team. I found them to be professional, time efficient, reliable, and I am really happy with the final product they put forward. I appreciated the pricing transparency also.

- Anna Moriarty - Steps Therapy

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