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Legal Firms Melbourne – Allied Legal offers services across a range of areas of law. We focus on utilising our expert skills developed over 15 years, to benefit a client’s specific needs whilst tailoring solutions and recommendations rather than just providing legal advice.

Our philosophy is to take a fresh approach, bringing the law to life through our passion for the law. Our outcome-based approach aims to deliver cost certainty, transparency and enhanced risk management. That’s makes our firm one of the outstanding legal firms in Melbourne.

We provide innovative and effective commercial legal advice and services with a personalised approach. We are the principal adviser to dozens of clients operating across a wide range of sectors.  Accordingly, when searching legal firms Melbourne, select Allied Legal.  

Why Choose Us as Your Legal Firm in Melbourne?

Allied Legal’s lawyers understand that to achieve the best results for our clients we need to work as a trusted adviser and partner to their organisation, not just as a legal service provider. We see the real value that comes from building lasting relationships with clients and where we can, support their businesses as much as they support ours. 

Allied Legal’s lawyers approach client matters, the way that we would approach our own, void of complexities, unnecessary delays and legal jargon. We offer exceptional customer service in keeping with our firm values of commitment, excellence, integrity, unity, innovation and generosity of spirit. 

Please consult Allied Legal for a free initial consultation should you have questions relating to your business or seek specific business law advice.  You can contact Allied Legal at or call on 03 8691 3111.

What Industries Do We Serve?

Industries that we serve include healthcare, real estate, hospitality, construction, financial services, energy, renewables, mining and technology. Allied Legal’s lawyers also assist clients in commercial litigation, intellectual property, tax controversies, corporate law and securities, environmental law, employment law, private wealth services, and contractual issues.

We appreciate that your business faces a wide array of challenges. Allied Legal is a legal firm in Melbourne that can help you face them head on by understanding you, your business, and your industry to provide collaborative, tailored solutions. Contact Allied Legal to book a free consultation.

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