Quick Legal Guide For Medical Practitioners In Victoria

Are you a medical practitioner in Victoria or have a business in the health space ?  We at Allied Legal regularly advise medical practitioners and associated businesses. 

We have put together a free 15-page guide to help medical practitioners like yourself understand some of the laws and regulations that are essential to running your practice and to help you mitigate legal risk.

What you will learn:

  1. Whether your medical practice is structed effectively?
  2. Is your practice categorising staff correctly?  The distinction between employees and contractors.  
  3. What exactly is medical negligence?
  4. When is someone liable for medical negligence?
  5. When you are NOT liable for medical negligence?
  6. What is SafeScript & why you need to adopt it?  Accessing the prescription history of patients.  
  7. An overview of the guidelines for mandatory notification.  Practitioners should be aware of these guidelines.
  8. An overview of proposed changes to laws relating to medical decision making.  

You are welcome to download our guide if this topic is of interest to you.  Should you have any follow-up questions please contact us at info@alliedlegal.com.au.

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