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Since the pandemic, and with a large portion of the startup ecosystem still working remotely, staying connected has been exceptionally challenging. What the crisis has taught us, however, is that communicating and staying connected has never been more essential. Through internal and external communication processes, you can communicate your startup’s vision, values and mission, whether this is geared toward sustainability or the elevation of diversity.  At Allied Legal, we have outlined some essential communication techniques every startup should employ. 

Internal Communications

Before you focus your attention on outward targets, you should remember that it’s the daily internal communications that keeps your startup running. Dedicating your efforts to internal communications has many benefits for the smooth operation of your venture. You don’t need excessive processes for things to run smoothly, just a few rituals to help your internal communications flow. 

Team Meetings

Team meetings are an essential part of any startup as they ensure that every team member is on the same page, understand their roles, and how they can work toward your startup’s goals. When each member of your team feels included, informed, and heard, you are far more likely to retain your best talent. The downside is that meetings can take up a large portion of both an employee and a founders’ workday. While meetings are useful for connecting team members, strategizing, and communicating new developments, poorly run meetings can negatively impact team motivation and productivity. Click the link to learn more about how you can keep your startup’s team meetings efficient and productive. 

Managing Disputes

Some conflict during the running of your venture, particularly between you and your co-founders, is necessary. Afterall, it is through disagreement that the best ideas and solutions are formed. At Allied Legal we have witnessed our fair share of co-founder disputes, many of which can be resolved through the re-establishment of roles, constructive negotiation, and mediation. To learn more, you can follow the link. If you feel that the founder-founder relationship is beyond repair, we recommend seeking the advice of an expert commercial lawyer, who will be able to advise you on the best way forward.

External Communications

A startup’s external communication relates to any communication between your venture and its’ clients or stakeholders. It is through this direct engagement that your startup will get your message across and grow a broader client base. External communications can include anything from media features, social media, press releases and interviews. 

Email in Marketing 

One of the most effective marketing channels for startups today is email market advertising. Using email marketing tools is simple, quick, and easy for marketers to create a campaign. However, email marketing in Australia can also be strict so it is vital to obtain a basic understanding of the email marketing laws and email marketing spam rules you will need to comply with. The Spam Act looks at email in marketing and prohibits spam – unsolicited commercial electronic messages – from being sent out. Understanding and complying with the obligations established by email marketing spam rules is imperative to avoid receiving a fine. You can learn more or speak with one of our expert commercial lawyers by following the link


Networking can often be a daunting practice if you’re just starting out, but it is extremely necessary for your startup’s growth. Networking is essentially the building of new relationships. It can take place within a wide range of scenarios – both online and offline – whether at an industry event, a seminar, or a meeting. Without a strong network it is difficult to build sustainable and long-lasting business relationships. To find out more about why your startup should invest more time in networking, you can click the link

Social Media 

Your startup’s social media presence is an important factor to consider when growing your venture. With the utilisation of social media in all walks of life, a thriving social media presence is like currency. Social media is also an excellent way to connect and interact with your client base. Whether you are using Instagram, Twitch, LinkedIn or Facebook, there are fundamental rules you should follow to build your social media following. To learn about these rules, you can follow the link.   

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