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Health-Tech Is Thriving: 3 Aussie Startups To Watch

While the economy was on hold during the coronavirus pandemic, the technology industry continued to flourish with more people working from home and receiving medical care remotely. The digital healthcare sector in particular experienced exponential growth as startups and entrepreneurs developed innovative technology to limit the risk of in-person exposure at health sites, and to keep up with the demand of a health and wellbeing boom. This impelled the accelerated development of a variety of new health and fitness apps and platforms, streamlining the healthcare sector. 

We at Allied Legal have compiled our top three health-tech startup picks for you to look out for:

Medinet Australia

2020 was a big year for Medinet, a health-tech startup connecting medical professionals and patients, with a first place win at Pause Fest. The startup delivers convenient and accessible medical advice, prescriptions and referrals via the Medinet app, accessible on a smart phone over video, audio and chat. The health-tech startup is looking to expand after raising three million dollars in funding from angel investors. 


Coviu is a video telehealth platform facilitating telehealth sessions between allied health professionals and patients. The health-tech startup uses secure video consultations with no sign up necessary for patients. In 2020 Coviu received six million in funding due to significant growth during the pandemic after health practitioners switched to telehealth. Dr Silvia Pfeiffer, the startup’s CEO and co-founder, was named Founder of the Year at the 2020 Women in Digital National Awards.  

AI On Spectrum  

AI On Spectrum is a game for the neurodiverse. The startup uses an app-based platform applying AI machine learning to teach coping mechanisms through a fun and interactive interface. The dynamic startup team, comprised of a psychologist and two software designers, are passionate about developing technology which amplifies the voices of autistic individuals. They placed third at Pause Fest in 2020 and are looking to expand in the coming years. 

Health-tech startups are not only excelling in terms of business success but are reshaping the healthcare system with accessible and modern technology. Off the back of 2020’s accelerated digital growth, health-tech is looking to soar in the upcoming years.

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