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Year of the Tiger: A Year for Renewed Passion for Your Startup

two orange striped tigers in field

February 1, 2022, marked the beginning of a new lunar year, also known as Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival. While the celebrations commenced, fireworks exploded and red envelopes were exchanged, we at Allied Legal envisaged another exciting year for startups. The new zodiac year marks the Year of the Tiger, which according to recent trends, is predicted to be exceptionally auspicious for sole traders and startups alike.   

According to the legend, the Tiger placed third in the celestial race that determined the order of the zodiacs. Despite the Tiger’s speed and vigour, it placed after the Rat for its cunning and the Ox for its persistence. The loss, however, didn’t expel the Tiger’s tenacity, as Tigers continue to be renowned for their fierce determination, particularly when it comes to business. The Year of the Tiger comes off the back of the Metal Ox, a year for diligence and mental strength during what was an exceptionally tumultuous year. 2022 marks a sense of collective optimism and creativity for startups hoping for transformation and growth.

The Tiger Founder

Founders born in the Year of the Tiger are naturally entrepreneurial due to their confidence, leadership skills and appetite for adventure. Tiger founders are known to combine their interests or passions with their business which what tends to give Tigers their endless energy and drive. Industries involving adventure and continuous innovation can be a draw for Tiger founders who dislike being stagnant when it comes to their work. 

A Tiger’s majesty means that they are highly admired and looked upon to make important decisions. Though Tiger founders dislike being told what to do – hence their inclination to work for themselves – they also enjoy encountering new challenges and working with people who provide balance to their bold and radical nature. On the flip side, some of these dominant traits can cause Tiger founders to be over-confident and domineering when it comes to getting what they want. The addition of the ‘water’ element this year, represents fluidity and emotion. Tiger founders will feel a renewed sense of passion to see their startups succeed and will work hard to make it happen.  

The Tiger & Startups

The Tiger, symbolic of strength and determination, is projected to spur a year of recovery and growth. In fact, 2022 is predicted to be an opportune year to launch new products and expand your startup in new directions. The boldness of the Tiger represents decision making and taking chances. But with bold action comes risk, so expect a year of potential losses and significant gains.  

Industries involving innovation, sports and adventure will do well this year as Tigers are naturally rebellious and enjoy working outside of traditional business structures. Sectors that involve research and technology should also thrive as the Tiger’s passion for innovation spills into the new year.

The Tiger & Investment

Whether through the stock market or through business shares, 2022 is looking to be a good year for investment. But be weary. Tigers tend to be compulsive to a fault. So, before diving headfirst into a new investment, take a step back to research and analyse the market first.

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