ESIC Compliance

Qualifying as an Early Stage Innovation Company, or ESIC, means that investors can get certain tax benefits when buying into your company. The framework around ESIC qualification is complex, but if your company has been around for three years or less, there’s a good chance its an ESIC!

At Allied Legal, our startup lawyers understand what is required to qualify as an ESIC. Our ESIC compliance process will let you tell investors with confidence that they will qualify for tax benefits at the end of the financial year. This makes your company more appealing to investors!

Qualifying as an ESIC lets you:


Sweeten the pot in your negotiations with investors


Help your investors save money when buying into your company


Make it easier for you to raise capital!

Developing an understand of the ESIC regime can be complex and overwhelming.
Our specialist startup lawyers understand what’s required so that you don’t have to!

Attract investors with Allied Legal’s ESIC certification!

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Plenty of good things to say about the service I received from Allied Legal! I’m a female founder of a tech start up, with no real experience in setting up a company from scratch. I approached Allied Legal with a lot of questions and a lot of unknowns. The lawyers I worked with were both very understanding and genuinely wanted to help. I felt completely supported throughout the process and would not hesitate to contact them again if/when the need arises. Highly recommended.

- Louise Fisher

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